Shift Cargo LLC

Shift Cargo LLC – Minnesota Freight Broker

230 W Superior St

Suite 400

Duluth, MN 55802

This is a virtual office most likely


MC 1060131

US DOT 3328153

You most likely got here because you searched the internet for Shift Cargo LLC, out of Duluth, Minnesota due to an unpaid freight bill. If you are trying to get paid, make sure to dial 901-300-7460 and ask for Bill. If he isn’t available, make sure to leave your MC and phone number and he will respond as soon as he is. Call anytime at all.

Promptra Logistics Services LLC

Promptra Logistics Services LLC – Ohio, Freight Broker

6631 Commerce Parkway

Suite D

Dublin, Ohio 43017


6543 Commerce Parkway

Suite E

Dublin, OH 43017

US DOT Number: 2830462

Motor Carrier(MC) Number: 943798

Phone: 614-497-8928

Fax: 614-308-8300

Most likely you ended up here, on this page, because you are looking for information on Promptra Logistics Services LLC out of Dublin, Ohio. They list one office with the FMCSA and the other is the one they used on their rate confirmations. Both are adjacent to each other, in the same office park. If you have unpaid freight bills, brokered to you by Promptra, make sure to reach out to Bill at 901-300-7460 ASAP. Even if you don’t think there is a chance of recovery, it cost nothing to try.

Ask Management Inc dba MSG Logistics

Ask Management Inc aka MSG Logistics

1600 Golf Road

Suite 1200

Rolling Meadows, IL 60008

Phone: 847-250-9512

Fax: 847-616-2336

MC Number: 1042215

US DOT Number: 3291158

You probably got to this page, because you were searching for Ask Management Inc, which uses the DBA of MSG Logistics, most likely because you were trying to get paid for an unpaid freight bill because of something underhanded. If that is the case, make sure to reach out today, via phone at 901-300-7460, the sooner you call the better chance of getting paid.

Dover Express LLC

Dover Express LLC – Las Vegas Freight Brokerage

6655 West Sahara Avenue

Las Vegas, Nevada 89146

US DOT 3310388

Brokerage MC 1051433

Phone 702-635-8266

Fax 702-635-8133

Most people get to because they find us when searching online for a company that hasn’t paid them for a freight bill. If you are a carrier that is trying to get paid for a load you moved, that was brokered to you by Dover Express LLC, make sure you pick up the phone and call Bill at 901-300-7460. Call regardless of the time, day or night, just make sure if you get voicemail to leave your name and your MC number and you will get at call back ASAP.

Make sure you call to have a chance at recovering your funds.

Right Choice Express Inc

Right Choice Express Inc – California Freight Brokerage

4725 Panama Lane D3-138

Bakersfield, California 93313 USA

This address is a UPS Store

Phone 1: 661-777-2001

Phone 2: 661-668-5001

Freight Broker MC Number: 88620

US DOT Number: 3122253

Are you trying to get paid by Right Choice Express too? This brokerage located in Bakersfield, California, actually uses an address associated with a UPS Store. They use MC 88620 to broker loads out, without the intent to pay. If you are still holding unpaid freight bills from this brokerage, make sure to reach out to Bill today, at 901-300-7460 as soon as possible if you want to recover your funds. Call 24/7, just leave your MC #, name and phone number if after hours.

Fastgo Freight Inc

Fastgo Freight Inc – Freight Brokerage

105 W. Alameda Ave


Burbank, CA 91502



MC 68400

US DOT 3084214

Are you trying to get in touch with this company because you have an unpaid freight bill? If so make sure to get in touch with me ASAP. They were previously related to or owned David Trucking Group, and appear to have double brokered loads, without paying carriers at all. Call Bill immediately at 901-300-7460 if you have unpaid freight bills, brokered to you by Fastgo Freight Inc. While they have lost authority, there is still a good chance of being paid.

Trekker Logistics LLC

Trekker Logistics -Freight Brokerage

8122 Bunkum Road

Caseyville, IL 62232






479-435-7217 – FAX

All the above numbers have been reportedly tied to this broker, understand they appear to have agents all over the United States. If you got to this page because you are trying to get an invoice you have form freight you hauled for Trekker Logistics make sure you call Bill today at 901-300-7460 You can call anytime, if outside of business hours or he is on the other line, make sure to leave your name, number and MC number and he will get back to you as soon as possible.

Hil-Cat Logistics

Hil-Cat Logsitics, New Jersey based Freight Broker

9 Brownstone Way

Apartment 115

Englewood, NJ 07631


US DOT 3210537

MC 1002481

FF 29508

Did you get here looking for information on Hil-Cat Logistics? Maybe you are trying to get paid on an unpaid invoice from them on a load you moved? If you are trying to collect on an invoice from this broker and freight forwarder, call Bill as soon as you can. Call 901-300-7460 if you have a freight bill you haven’t received payment on.

Lister Logistics LLC

Lister Logistics LLC Freight Brokerage

2960 S Sabrina Circle

Mesa, AZ 85212

Phone 1: 480-382-6261

Phone 2: 480-354-4000

US DOT #:2245445

MC #:693763

You most likely landed on this page because you were searching online for Lister Logistics LLC out of Mesa, Arizona. They are a freight broker that has been reported for not paying carriers on loads they double brokered. If you are holding an unpaid invoice for a load you hauled for them, make sure to reach out to Bill right away. You can reach him at 901-300-7460, during normal business hours, or leave a message after hours with your name, MC and phone number and he will get in touch with what can be done to get you paid immediately on the monies owed by Lister Logistics LLC.

Hopstone LLC

164 N Gateway Dr

Providence, UT 84332 US


US DOT: 3289483

Brokerage MC:1041426

If you ended up here on this page at BrokerWatchList for Hopstone LLC, you most likely Googled them, possibly because you are trying to get in touch with them regarding unpaid invoices like several other carriers. If so it is important that you call 901-300-7460 ASAP and ask for Bill. If after hours or you catch him on the other line be sure to leave a message with atleast your name, MC and phone number so we can explain your options with the Hopstone LLC debt. There is a chance that this debtor was previously part of JMS or RMAS.