Global Links Express Inc

Global Links Express Inc

California Based Freight Brokerage

USDOT Number 3256278

Brokerage MC Number 1025744

2372 Morse Ave

Suite 648

Irvine, CA 92614

Phone 1:949-378-4381

Phone 2:855-964-0599

Phone 3:949-490-7595

Note:This a address is associated with a virtual office.

If you got to this page because you are trying to get paid for a load you delivered for this brokerage, Global Links Express Inc and can’t get in touch with them, make sure to call Bill at 901-300-7460. When you call, if there is no answer, make sure to leave a message including your MC number so that you have the best chance of getting paid.

50 States Prime Brokerage Inc

50 States Prime Brokerage

California based freight broker

US DOT Number: 3263932

Motor Carrier or MC Number:1029351

Two associated addresses

24377 Newhall Ave

Suite #220

Newhall, CA 91321


790 Ridge Dr

Glendale, CA 91206

Phone: 323-607-5100

Phone 2: 818-731-1847

Fax: 747-477-1939

More than likely you got to this page by searching on the internet for 50 States Prime Brokerage Inc. If you are looking for information because you have 1 or more unpaid freight bills, owed by this company, immediately contact Bill for assistance. Call 901-300-7460 and have your MC ready. If you get voicemail, leave a message and he will call you back ASAP, as soon as he is off the other line or otherwise available.

Eclipse Expediting LLC

Eclipse Expediting LLC

Michigan Freight Brokerage

US Dot Number 2248279

Motor Carrier Number 738247

2540 Chassell St NW

Wyoming, MI 49519

Phone 1: 616-284-9090

Phone 2: 269-978-0521

If you got to this page because you searched online for Eclipse Expediting LLC, it is most likely because you are trying to get freight bills paid. You are certainly not alone if that is the case, as they have been reported for non-payment several times already. If you need to get your freight bills paid, make sure to call and ask for Bill at 901-300-7460. When you call if he is on the other line or after hours, make sure you leave three things. Your name, your number and your MC number. But whatever you do, call right away!

Pristine Logistics Inc

Pristine Logistics Inc is brokers freight to trucking companies

.Pristine Logistics Inc

California Freight Brokerage

US DOT Number 2249410

Motor Carrier or MC Number 756039

Freight Forwarding Number 30099

Name Change 9-25-2017

Multiple Addresses for this company

17525 Ventura Blvd

Suite 102

Los Angeles, CA 91316

This is also listed as Encino


11067 Ollinda St

Los Angeles, CA 91352

This is also listed as Sun Valley

This freight broker, says they specialize in automotive/car hauls but have proven to work with other commodities as well. If you got to this page because you moved a load or loads for Pristine Logistics Inc, out of Los Angeles, Encino or Sun Valley, California, and haven’t gotten paid, make sure to contact Bill at 901-300-7460, ASAP! Have your MC# ready when you call, and if it is a busy time, you may have to leave a message, but if you leave your name and number and MC or US DOT number, he will contact you as soon as he can.

Nationwide Trucking LLC

Nationwide Trucking LLC

Vancouver Freight Broker

9330 NE Vancouver Mall Drive

Suite 203

Vancouver, WA 98662

Phone 1: 360-787-9007

Phone 2: 306-838-3362

Motor Carrier #:920871

US DOT #:2642053

The reason the city and state are in quotes up top, is because the address is a virtual office, and it is believed that the actual owner of the company is located in the Los Angeles area. This freight broker also has a carrier side, under the same MC. If you got to this page because you are looking for information on Nationwide Trucking LLC or are trying to get paid, for a load you did, make sure to reach out today. If you have an unpaid freight bill with Nationwide call Bill immediately at 901-300-7460

United 48

United48 Freight Brokerage

9109 Miner Street

2nd Floor

Los Angeles, California 90002

US DOT 2637141

Broker MC 914550

Phone 1 :866-956-4448

Phone 2 :323-545-6111

United48, is a freight broker that has been reported for not paying for loads, double brokering, etc. If you got to this page because you were trying to get them on the phone to find out when your freight bill will be paid, you should call Bill for more info on this broker. His number is 901-300-7460, make sure you call ASAP if you are owed by United48.


RNS Cargo LLC – Minnesota Freight Brokerage

100 S 5th Street

Suite 1902

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55402


Unfortunately this address is a Regus Virtual office.

You most likely came here looking for this brokerage because you have an unpaid freight bill. If that is the case make sure to call Bill at 901-300-7460 ASAP!

Shift Cargo LLC

Shift Cargo LLC – Minnesota Freight Broker

230 W Superior St

Suite 400

Duluth, MN 55802

This is a virtual office most likely


MC 1060131

US DOT 3328153

You most likely got here because you searched the internet for Shift Cargo LLC, out of Duluth, Minnesota due to an unpaid freight bill. If you are trying to get paid, make sure to dial 901-300-7460 and ask for Bill. If he isn’t available, make sure to leave your MC and phone number and he will respond as soon as he is. Call anytime at all.

Promptra Logistics Services LLC

Promptra Logistics Services LLC – Ohio, Freight Broker

6631 Commerce Parkway

Suite D

Dublin, Ohio 43017


6543 Commerce Parkway

Suite E

Dublin, OH 43017

US DOT Number: 2830462

Motor Carrier(MC) Number: 943798

Phone: 614-497-8928

Fax: 614-308-8300

Most likely you ended up here, on this page, because you are looking for information on Promptra Logistics Services LLC out of Dublin, Ohio. They list one office with the FMCSA and the other is the one they used on their rate confirmations. Both are adjacent to each other, in the same office park. If you have unpaid freight bills, brokered to you by Promptra, make sure to reach out to Bill at 901-300-7460 ASAP. Even if you don’t think there is a chance of recovery, it cost nothing to try.

Ask Management Inc dba MSG Logistics

Ask Management Inc aka MSG Logistics

1600 Golf Road

Suite 1200

Rolling Meadows, IL 60008

Phone: 847-250-9512

Fax: 847-616-2336

MC Number: 1042215

US DOT Number: 3291158

You probably got to this page, because you were searching for Ask Management Inc, which uses the DBA of MSG Logistics, most likely because you were trying to get paid for an unpaid freight bill because of something underhanded. If that is the case, make sure to reach out today, via phone at 901-300-7460, the sooner you call the better chance of getting paid.