Unpaid Freight Bills

The clear advantage using our service is in collecting unpaid freight bills, is that that is all they do. So all their clients are trucking companies, and when a broker goes out of business or bankrupt or pulls a scam, we will have multiple clients with similar debts.

All combined we have represented over 400,000 trucks on the roads in collecting unpaid freight bills. Because of that, we can create many times more leverage than the largest individual carriers, to get you paid on things you otherwise couldn’t.

Because of this, we can collect when a broker goes out of business, bankrupt or pulls a scam and never intended to pay by leveraging our reach to get payments from third parties, such as shippers, consignees or lead brokers.

Our fees are 100% contingent on monies being collected. So we don’t get paid, unless we recover money for you.

Additionally, because of our network of carriers we work for, we know may have info on a broker you may be worried about, as far as other companies being owed, etc.

To find out what we can do to help you recover unpaid freight invoices, call Bill at 901-300-7460 today.

Does this broker owe you money?