LEI Transportation Inc

LEI Transportation

4500 Hugh Howell Rd

Ste 790

Tucker, GA 30084

MC 672007

USDOT 2385730




Have you carried freight for this brokerage? If you can’t seem to get in contact with LEI Transportation Inc about getting paid for your services, be sure to callASAP!

Global One Express Inc.

Global One Express

1961 E Mark Trail

Warsaw, IN 46582

MC 267096

USDOT 534689





Did this broker contract your company to deliver shipment on its behalf? If you’ve had trouble reaching out to Global One Express Inc regarding unpaid freight bills, call 901-300-7460 and ask for Bill now!  Make sure you recognize that this is a new number.

Brumm Logistics Inc.

Brumm Logistics

7464 Peony Lane N

Maple Grove, MN 55311


3201 N Federal Hwy

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306

MC 787926

USDOT 2338160





Were you hired to deliver freight on behalf of this broker? If you’re still trying to get paid for your services under Brumm Logistics Inc, make a point to calltoday!

Share Transportation

Share Transportation

23 Cricklewood Dr

PO Box 412

Leicester, MA 01524

MC 228372

USDOT 2214794




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Kwan Transportation Services Inc.

Kwan Transportation Services

12843 S State HWY 21

Potosi, MO 63664




Did this freight broker hire your trucking company? If you’ve had a hard time reaching out to Kwan Transportation Services Inc concerning unpaid freight bills, call

Southeast Service Transport LLC

Southeast Service Transport

4379 Old Lamar Ave

Memphis, TN 38118

MC 685019

USDOT 2244825




Have you ever worked with this broker? If you were left with unpaid freight bills after hauling freight for Southeast Service Transport LLC, callright now!

Break Bulk Quotes Inc.

Break Bulk Quotes

400 S 4th Street 5th Floor

Las Vegas, NV 89101


3910 Alto Ave

Las Vegas, NV 89115

MC 33851

USDOT 3019973





Did this broker hire your trucking company to haul shipment? If you’re still trying to get paid on Break Bulk Quotes Inc debt, make a point to callASAP!

Arrow X Logistics

Arrow X Logistics

2019 Silverbrook Dr

Knoxville, TN 37923


PO Box 30214

Knoxville, TN 37930

MC 945470

DOT 2971922




Were you hired to deliver freight on behalf of this broker? If you’re still having trouble contacting Arrow X Logistics regarding unpaid freight bills, be sure to calltoday!