KGR Trucking Inc

Pennsylvania Freight Broker – KGR Trucking INC

Address: 315 Dartmouth Dr
Marshalls Crk, PA 18335
Motor Carrier Number:1176747
US DOT:3532843

You arrived on this page searching for this broker. KGR Trucking Inc out of Marshalls Creek, Pa has been reported by multiple carriers for double brokering without paying their freight bill. They have or had a carrier side, with no inspections, that was used to obtain the loads.

Are you trying to get paid for freight you have moved?

If so, reach out to David at 662-258-1916 or Bill at 901-300-7460, today.

When you call if they are on the other line or after hours, make sure you leave three things. Your name, your number and your MC number. But whatever you do, call right away!