Eclipse Expediting LLC

Eclipse Expediting Truck Image

Eclipse Expediting LLC

Michigan Freight Brokerage

US Dot Number 2248279

Motor Carrier Number 738247

2540 Chassell St NW

Wyoming, MI 49519

Phone 1: 616-284-9090

Phone 2: 269-978-0521

If you got to this page because you searched online for Eclipse Expediting LLC, it is most likely because you are trying to get freight bills paid. You are certainly not alone if that is the case, as they have been reported for non-payment several times already. If you need to get your freight bills paid, make sure to call and ask for Bill at 901-300-7460. When you call if he is on the other line or after hours, make sure you leave three things. Your name, your number and your MC number. But whatever you do, call right away!

Pristine Logistics Inc

Pristine Logistics Inc is brokers freight to trucking companies

.Pristine Logistics Inc

California Freight Brokerage

US DOT Number 2249410

Motor Carrier or MC Number 756039

Freight Forwarding Number 30099

Name Change 9-25-2017

Multiple Addresses for this company

17525 Ventura Blvd

Suite 102

Los Angeles, CA 91316

This is also listed as Encino


11067 Ollinda St

Los Angeles, CA 91352

This is also listed as Sun Valley

This freight broker, says they specialize in automotive/car hauls but have proven to work with other commodities as well. If you got to this page because you moved a load or loads for Pristine Logistics Inc, out of Los Angeles, Encino or Sun Valley, California, and haven’t gotten paid, make sure to contact Bill at 901-300-7460, ASAP! Have your MC# ready when you call, and if it is a busy time, you may have to leave a message, but if you leave your name and number and MC or US DOT number, he will contact you as soon as he can.