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Ernst & Morgan Logistics Inc

Ernst & Morgan Logistics Inc – Oregon Freight Broker

Address:9450 SW Gemini Dr
Beaverton, OR 97008
US DOT:3900564
Motor Carrier Number:1436828

More than likely, you got to this page by searching on the internet for Ernst & Morgan Logistics Inc with a MC# 1436828.  If you are looking for information because you have 1 or more unpaid freight bills owed by this company, immediately contact Bill at 901-300-7460 or David at 662-258-1916 and have you MC ready. Let us collect your receivables for you!!

If you get voicemail, leave a message and they will call you back ASAP, as soon as they are off the other line or otherwise available.

Hammell Logistics Inc.

Hammell Logistics

PO Box 189

Hermiston, OR 97838


28752 Westport Lane

Hermiston, OR 97838

MC 457797

USDOT 2230733




Were you hired to haul freight for this broker? If you’re having trouble reaching out to Hammell Logistics Inc regarding unpaid freight bills, call Bill at 901-300-7460 today!

Friend’s Express LLC

Friend’s Express

PO Box 167

Sprague River, OR 97639

MC 650452

USDOT 2242530




Did this broker hire you to deliver freight? If you’re still trying to get paid on Friend’s Express LLC debt, call Bill to see what he can do for you.  Generally he is there during the week but if he doesn’t answer, be sure to leave a message and he will call you back.  Leave your name, number and MC or USDOT number.  Call 901-300-7460 to get this taken care of.

EMR Logistics Inc

EMR Logistics

920 NW Bond St

Ste 208

Bend, OR 97701

MC 847359





Were you hired to deliver freight on behalf of this broker? If you’re trying to get paid on EMR Logistics Inc debt, be sure to call EMR Logisticstoday!

Pathfinder Logistics Inc.

Pathfinder Logistics

4630 NE 166th Ave

Portland, OR 97230

MC 401705




This company was responsible for hiring trucking companies on behalf of shippers. Did you deliver freight for Pathfinder Logistics Inc? If you’ve had difficulty reaching out to this broker concerning unpaid freight bills, be sure to call Path Finder Logistics today!

Crestline Transportation Inc

Crestline Transportation Inc

10 S Shasta Ave

Eagle Point, OR 97524


PO Box 1087

Eagle Point OR, 97524

MC 673791




Was your trucking company hired by this broker? If you were left with unpaid freight bills after working with Crestline Transportation Inc, callCrestline Transportation Incright now!

Am Trans Inc

Am Trans Inc

5000 Cirrus Dr

Ste 110

Medford, OR 97504

MC 927327




Were you hired by Am Trans Inc to deliver freight? If you’ve had difficulty reaching out to this broker about getting paid, pick up the phone and call Am Trans Inc today.

GPR Logistics

GPR Logistics

17995 NW Rapid St

Beaverton, OR 97006

MC 807399

(503) 702-0620 

(888) 490-3643 

(503) 336-5956


Working as a middleman between shippers and trucking companies, brokers play an essential part in the delivery of freight. If you’ve found yourself with debt after working with GPR Logistics, you might be finding it difficult to reach out to them. Pick up the phone and call  GPR Logistics.

JKS Logistics Inc.

JKS Logistics Inc.

5001 SW Trout Rd

Terrebonne, OR 97760

MC 888421

(541) 728-8414

(541) 200-6335



This company helped broker deals between shippers and trucking companies. Have you found yourself with unpaid freight bills after doing business with JKS Logistics Inc?

If you’ve been trying to get paid on JKS Logistics Inc. debt, call JKS Logistics Inc..