Valentino’s Express LLC

Valentino’s Express

121 Los Fresnos Loop

Laredo, TX 78046


1100 Matamoros, Ste 215

Laredo, TX 78046

MC 4247

USDOT 2960262



Has your trucking company hauled freight for this brokerage? If you’re still trying to get paid for your work on behalf of Valentino’s Express LLC, callnow!

Infinity Logistics, Inc.

Infinity Logistics

1111 Harvester Rd

West Chicago, IL 60185

MC 322026

USDOT 2223264




Were you hired to deliver freight for this company? If you’re having difficulty reaching out to Infinity Logistics Inc in regards to unpaid freight bills, callASAP!

QD Logistics Inc.

QD Logistics

988C Old Country Rd

PMB 217

Plainview, NY 11803

MC 772122





Did this broker hire your company to haul freight? If you’re having trouble reaching out to QD Logistics Inc regarding unpaid freight bills, calltoday!

Bonita Truck Brokers Inc.

Bonita Truck Brokers

PO Box 4453

Rio Rico, AZ 85648

MC 317771

USDOT 2223062




Did you deliver freight on behalf of this brokerage? If you’re still trying to get paid on Bonita Truck Brokers Inc debt, be sure to call right now!

Filo Systems, Inc.

Filo Systems Incorporated

1754 N Washington St.

Unit 128 B

Naperville, IL 60563

Toll Free Phone Reported by Trucking Companies:877-489-8428

Broker’s Listed Phone Number: 630-480-2971

Broker’s Listed Fax Number: 630-597-2401

Brokers Motor Carrier Number: 798432

Broker’s US Department of Transportation Number:2342956

You may of gotten here because Filo (First in Logistics Operation) Systems from Napierville, IL owes you for an unpaid freight bill or you are just a carrier looking for info, then call right now.  You will need your MC number.  The phone isfor the best most accurate information.

Barca Logistics Inc

Barca Logistics Incorporated

12814 Victory Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 91606

MC 043819 or 43819

It is a newer MC, after the 6 digits rolled over

US DOT Number: 3039296

Most people that find this page will do so because they are trying to get in touch with this broker.  If you haven’t been able to get in touch with Barca Logistics out of LA, then make sure you callASAP.  Especially if you have an unpaid freight bill.

Patriot Brokerage, Inc.

Patriot Brokerage, Inc.

7840 Foothill Blvd

Ste F

Sunland, CA 91040

MC 889750

USDOT 2559090



Did this broker hire you to carry freight? If you’ve had trouble reaching out to Patriot Brokerage, Inc. in regards to unpaid freight bills, call now!

Lakeside 3PL LLC

Lakeside 3PL LLC

299 S Main St

Salt Lake City, UT 84111

MC 51797

USDOT 03054842


Did you deliver freight for this broker? If you’re still trying to get paid on Lakeside 3PL LLC debt, call now!

BGL Associates, Inc.

BGL Associates, Inc.

PO Box 6827

Warwick, RI 02887

MC 221811

USDOT 2214596




Were you hired to haul freight for this broker? If you’re having trouble contacting BGL Associates, Inc. concerning unpaid freight bills, be sure to call today!