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Johnson Group Logistics

Ontario Freight Broker – Johnson Group Logistics

Address:8171 Yonge St
Ste 285
Thornhill, ON L3T 2C6 CA
Phone: 647-216-1856
Motor Carrier Number:

If you arrived at this page trying to find a way to contact Johnson Group Logistics to get paid for freight you have moved. If you need to get your freight bills paid, make sure to call and ask for David at 662.258.1916 or Bill at 901-300-7460, and be sure to have your MC number ready. Make sure to leave that and your phone number if you get voicemail when you call, they will call you back ASAP!

Flyhug Freight Systems Inc

Ontario Freight Broker – Flyhug Freight Systems Inc

Address:42 Windover Drive
Scarborough, ON M1G 1P3 CA
Motor Carrier Number:1193176
US DOT:3556823

Most people that find this page, have been looking for Flyhug Freight Systems Inc because they have unpaid receivables from this freight broker. If that is the case with you, make sure you take action, ASAP. No matter the time of day or night, call 662-258-1916 for David or 901-300-7460 for Bill.

If you get voicemail, make sure to leave a message and expect a call back shortly. Whether it is Flyhug Freight Systems Inc or another broker, make sure to take action now!

Horton Transportation

Ontario Freight Broker – 11860526 Ontario Inc dba Horton Transportation

Address:255 Queens Ave
Middlesex, ON N6A 5R8
Motor Carrier Number:

If you found this page searching for this broker trying to get paid on an unpaid freight bill from 11860526 Ontario Inc dba Horton Transportation, there is still a chance to get paid. Make sure to reach out via phone to Bill at 901-300-7460 Or David at 662-258-1916. If for any reason there is no answer, make sure to leave a message including your name, number and MC and he will get back to you as soon as possible or off the other line.

Ellysium Trucklines

Ellysium Trucklines truck image

Ontario Freight Broker – 2129086 Ontario Inc DBA Ellysium Trucklines

Address:294 Dewdrop Crescent
Waterloo, ON N2V 0B1
Phone: Canada519-884-9500 (Main)
519-903-0954 (Main)
Motor Carrier Number:975576
US DOT:2900455

Were you hired to carry freight for this brokerage from Waterloo, using MC 975576? If you’ve had trouble contacting 2129086 Ontario Inc dba Ellysium Trucklines about getting paid for your services, pick up the phone and call Bill at 901-300-7460 or David 662-258-1916 now! If you get voicemail, leave a message with you MC Number and they will call you back ASAP, as soon as they are off the other line or otherwise available.

Freightlink transport ltd

Freightlink Tranpsort truck image

Ontario Freight Broker – Freightlink Transport LTD

5511 Tomken Rd
Peel, ON L4W 4B8

Phone: 1 289-497-9222 ext. 221 (Office)
1 289-497-8844 (Main)
1 519-240-4981 (Mobile)

Broker MC Number: 553799

US DOT: 2940438

Did you get here because you searched on the internet for Freightlink Transport LTD, located in Peel, ON?  If you did, it is probably because you are trying to get paid for an unpaid freight bill, you were brokered by Freightlink Transport, if so, call Bill or David as soon as you can and if you get a voicemail, make sure to leave a message with your contact info and MC number.  You can reach Bill at 901-300-7460 or David at 662-258-1916 , make sure you call them immediately.

Ride and Care Transportation Inc.

Ride and Care Transportation

2727 Steele Ave W #102

Toronto, ON M3J 3G9

MC 990956

USDOT 2803383




Has this broker ever hired you to haul shipment? If you were left with unpaid freight bills after working with Ride and Care Transportation Inc, you need to speak with Bill as soon as possible.  If he doesn’t answer, leave your information.(Name, Number and MC Number) and he will get back to you asap.  The phone number to call is 901-300-7460.



1121 Dundas St E

Whitby, ON L1N 2K5

MC 808182





Has this broker ever hired your company to deliver freight? If you’re having trouble reaching out to QCT Inc in regards to unpaid freight bills, call today!

Anto Logistics

Anto Logistics

20 Jessica Pvt

Ottawa, ON K1G 5T2




Have you ever hauled freight for this company? If you’re still trying to get paid on Anto Logistics debt, call Anto Logistics now!

Rhino Trans Group Inc.

Rhino Trans Group

1835 Meyerside Dr


Mississauga, ON L5T 1G4

MC 940049




Was your company hired to do work for this broker? If you’ve had trouble reaching out to Rhino Trans Group Inc about getting paid for your services, make a point to call Rhino Trans Group right now!

Continental Freight Movers

Continental Freight Movers

385-1288 Ritson Rd N

Oshawa, ON L1G 8B2




Did this broker ever hire you to haul freight? If you’re still trying to get paid on Continental Freight Movers debt, pick up the phone and call Continental Freight Movers today!