Third Coast Trucking Inc.

Third Coast Trucking Inc.

735 Cleo

Fresno, TX 77545

MC 705500




This company played the part of “middle man” between shippers and truckers. Did your trucking company handle shipment on behalf of Third Coast Trucking Inc?

If you’re trying to get paid on Third Coast Trucking Inc debt, make a point to call Third Coast Trucking Inc.

Texas Transload & Logistics LLC

Texas Transload & Logistics LLC

300 NJ Street

La Porte, TX 77571

MC 825217



Have you ever delivered shipment for this brokerage? Have you been trying to contact them regarding unpaid freight bills?

If you’ve been trying to reach Texas Transload & Logistics LLC, call Texas Transload & Logistics LLC.

GK Logistics LLC

GK Logistics LLC

5700 Granite Pkwy #200

Plano, TX 75024

MC 708065



This company helped connect shippers to trucking companies. Did you deliver freight for them? Do you still have unpaid freight bills?

If you’re trying to get paid on GK Logistics LLC debt, call GK Logistics LLC.

Stroker Ace Logistics LLC

Stroker Ace Logistics LLC

2243 N Goolie Rd

Suite C

Donna, TX 78537

(956) 223-9032

(956) 223-9032



Stroker Ace Logistics helped shippers do business with trucking companies. Were you left with debt after delivering freight for this broker?

If you’ve had a hard time getting in touch with Stroker Ace Logistics, call Stroker Ace Logistics.

Delta Traffic Services

Delta Traffic Services

PO Box 1217

Manteca, CA 95336

MC 188507

(209) 823-4653

(209) 823-5395



Did you deliver shipment on behalf of Delta Traffic Services? Were you left with unpaid freight bills as a result of this?

If you’re trying to reach this broker regarding debt, make sure to call Delta Traffic Services.


Absolute Logistics LLC

Absolute Logistics LLC

200 N Mullan Rd

Spokane, WA 99206

MC 818694

(509) 924-3685

(855) 924-3685

(509) 924-3718



Do you have unpaid freight bills after delivering shipment for Absolute Logistics LLC? This company was responsible for connecting shippers to trucking companies.

If you’ve been trying to get in touch with Absolute Logistics LLC regarding debt with them, call Absolute Logistics LLC.

West River Logistics LLC

West River Logistics LLC

PO Box 7912

Rapid City, SD 57709

MC 806671

(605) 688-3273

(866) 688-3273

(605) 791-1243



Did you do business with West River Logistics LLC? Have you been trying to contact them regarding any debt you may have incurred after working with them?

If, after delivering freight for this broker, you found yourself with unpaid freight bills, call West River Logistics LLC.

Seamless Transportation LLC

Seamless Transportation LLC

11801 Pierce St

Riverside, CA 92505

MC 798589

(800) 960-6248

(714) 844-4759



Have you delivered freight  for this broker? Are you trying to get in touch with them?

If you’re trying to get paid on Seamless Transportation LLC debt, call Seamless Transportation LLC.

Ospeca Logistics Management Transport Inc.

Ospeca Logistics Management Transport Inc

4740 Coffeeport Rd

Brownsville, TX 78521

MC 490193

(956) 831-4525

(956) 831-2664



Have you done business for this broker? Did you find yourself left with debt after delivering shipment for them?

If you are looking for a way to get in touch with Ospeca Logistics Management Transport Inc, call Ospeca Logistics Management Transport Inc..

JKS Logistics Inc.

JKS Logistics Inc.

5001 SW Trout Rd

Terrebonne, OR 97760

MC 888421

(541) 728-8414

(541) 200-6335



This company helped broker deals between shippers and trucking companies. Have you found yourself with unpaid freight bills after doing business with JKS Logistics Inc?

If you’ve been trying to get paid on JKS Logistics Inc. debt, call JKS Logistics Inc..

Does this broker owe you money?