Peak Performance Transportation LLC

Peak Performance Transportation

98 E Lakeshore Dr

Columbus, MS 39705


2410 W Memorial Rd Suite C533

Oklahoma City, OK 73134

MC 560541




Were you ever hired to deliver freight on behalf of this company? If you’re still owed for your services to Peak Performance Transportation LLC, call Peak Performance Transportation ASAP!

Interconnect Inc

Interconnect Inc

4760 E Fulton St #104

Ada, MI 49301


4525 50th Street SE

Grand Rapids, MI 49512





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Cross County Cartage

Cross County Cartage

12071 Best Pl

Cincinnati, OH 45241


PO Box 62987

Cincinnati, OH 45262

MC 190669

MC 833254




Has this company ever brokered out a load for you to deliver? If you’re having trouble reaching out to Cross County Cartage concerning unpaid freight bills, call Cross County Cartage today!

Insta FR8, Inc.

Insta FR8, Inc.

13801 Reverport Dr

Ste 111

Maryland Heights, MO 63043

MC 786461

MC 719211






Did your trucking company deliver shipment for this broker? If you’re still trying to get paid for your services on behalf of Insta FR8 Inc, call Insta FR8 now!

Delta Logistics & Transportation, Inc.

Delta Logistics & Transportation, Inc.


St Charles, IL 60175

MC 863996








Has your company ever been hired to deliver freight for this brokerage? If you can’t seem to get in touch with Delta Logistics & Transportation Inc in regards to unpaid freight bills, pick up the phone and call Delta Logistics & Transportation ASAP!

Crabion Express & Holding Inc.

Crabion Express & Holding Inc.

PO Box 573

Abbotsford, BC V2T 1X0

MC 827309





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Baron Transport Logistics, Inc.

Baron Transport Logistics, Inc.

703 N Abby St

Fresno, CA 93701

MC 899647






Were you hired to deliver freight for this broker? If you’re having difficulty reaching out to Baron Transport Logistics, Inc concerning unpaid freight bills, call Baron Transport Logistics now!

Star Cargo Inc.

Star Cargo

7111 Harwin Dr

Houston, TX 77036


2424 W 71st Place

Hialeah, FL 33016

MC 910540




Did you deliver shipment on behalf of this broker? If you’re having trouble reaching Star Cargo Inc about getting paid for your services, call Star Cargo right now!

Pathfinder Logistics Inc.

Pathfinder Logistics

4630 NE 166th Ave

Portland, OR 97230

MC 401705




This company was responsible for hiring trucking companies on behalf of shippers. Did you deliver freight for Pathfinder Logistics Inc? If you’ve had difficulty reaching out to this broker concerning unpaid freight bills, be sure to call Path Finder Logistics today!

Pacific Financial Notices of Cancellation

This is a list of transportation brokerages that have been using Pacific Financial to carry their $75,000.00 broker bond.  Each company on this list has been set to cancel its bond and is advertised on Pacific Financial’s website. Obviously some of these are just changing bond companies, but some of them are actually going out of business. If you have done business with a broker from this list and have any questions about that specific broker, make sure to call  Pacific Financial Notice of Cancellation today!

Company Name DBA Name MC Cancellation Date Estimated Payout Month
Gerald E. Mueller Co’s LLC Gerald E. Mueller Co’s LLC 189489 9/1/2016 DEC
S2F Logistics LLC S2F Logistics LLC 828465 9/1/2016 DEC
Harrco Delivery Services Inc Harrco Delivery Services Inc 928617 9/1/2016 DEC
C&M Freight Brokerage LLC C&M Freight Brokerage LLC 971371 9/1/2016 DEC
Aspen Transportation, LLC Aspen Transportation, LLC 439678 9/2/2016 DEC
Anderson Logistics Solutions, Inc. Anderson Logistics Solutions, Inc. 563297 9/2/2016 DEC
Transport Worldwide LLC Transport Worldwide LLC 876882 9/2/2016 DEC
B.B.Celestin Logistics LLC B.B.Celestin Logistics LLC 955219 9/3/2016 DEC
TNC Express Inc. TNC Express Freight 741568 9/4/2016 DEC
Premier Elite Logistics LLC Premier Elite Logistics LLC 966068 9/4/2016 DEC
RTS Logistics, LLC RTS Logistics, LLC 503740 9/8/2016 DEC
GTI Freight Inc. GTI Transports 919491 9/8/2016 DEC
One Direction Express, Inc One Direction Express, Inc 951145 9/8/2016 DEC
Intercontinental Global Technologies, Inc. Interglobtech 656391 9/14/2016 DEC
Gibson Motor LLC Gibson Motor LLC 690069 9/14/2016 DEC
Moving Smarter LLC Moving Smarter LLC 917909 9/14/2016 DEC
Carmonas Transportation LLC. Carmonas Transportation LLC. 679051 9/15/2016 DEC
Anywhere Auto Transporthers, LLC Anywhere Auto Transporthers 683759 9/15/2016 DEC
Dream Catcher Logistics LLC Dream Catcher Expediting 761473 9/15/2016 DEC
A&M Global Transport Inc A&M Global Transport Inc 856169 9/15/2016 DEC
PJA Trucking Inc PJA Trucking Inc 909808 9/15/2016 DEC
Kam Gulf Transportation LLC Kam Gulf Transportation LLC 923010 9/15/2016 DEC
MDK Enterprise Corp Ifex Logistics Corp 928118 9/15/2016 DEC
Bear Trucking, Inc. Bear Logistics 398662 9/16/2016 DEC
Trans Service America Inc. Trans Service America Inc. 417000 9/16/2016 DEC
Integer Logistics Group, Inc Integer Logistics Group, Inc 798506 9/16/2016 DEC
Global Pro Shipping Inc Global Pro Shipping Inc 900508 9/17/2016 DEC
National Produce & Logistics LLC National Produce & Logistics LLC 904755 9/17/2016 DEC
AquaBlue Logistics, Inc. AquaBlue Logistics, Inc. 932991 9/19/2016 DEC
Uni-Focus Int’l Inc. JJES Express 534736 9/21/2016 DEC
R W Williams & Sons Trucking R W Williams Trucking 846872 9/21/2016 DEC
Bruce Howard Dunn Silent Freight Services 954472 9/21/2016 DEC
Redline Transport Inc Redline Transport Inc 876469 9/22/2016 DEC
StoneLand Global Logistics Inc StoneLand Global Logistics Inc 681920 9/23/2016 DEC
Rota Express Inc Rota Express Inc 898917 9/24/2016 DEC
Integrated Freight Solution Corp Integrated Freight Solution Corp 942042 9/24/2016 DEC
DKS Brokerage, LLC DKS Brokerage, LLC 953340 9/24/2016 DEC
Set Apart-Logistics LLC 972408 9/24/2016 DEC
Enhanced Transportation Services Inc. Enhanced Transportation Services Inc. 934066 9/25/2016 DEC
Nurizon Service Group LLC Nurizon Service Group LLC 937592 9/25/2016 DEC
AR Express Inc AR Express Inc 596418 9/28/2016 DEC
Lane Balance Systems LLC Lane Balance Systems LLC 475581 9/29/2016 DEC
Leyenda LTD Leyenda LTD 404290 9/30/2016 DEC
Reliable Logistics, Inc. Reliable Logistics, Inc. 440460 9/30/2016 DEC
Rays Transport Inc Rays Car Shipping and Storage 510279 9/30/2016 DEC
McKnight Logistics, Inc. McKnight Logistics, Inc. 519368 9/30/2016 DEC
Logistics of L3 LLC L3 Logistics 590522 9/30/2016 DEC
Melody E. Schiller & Roger D. James Lighthouse Logistics 624994 9/30/2016 DEC
J & D Transport Inc J & D Transport 638597 9/30/2016 DEC
One Global Logistics LLC One Global Logistics LLC 724712 9/30/2016 DEC
Last Minute Freight Brokers LLC Last Minute Freight Brokers LLC 736029 9/30/2016 DEC
TCX Logistics, LLC TCX Logistics, LLC 824360 9/30/2016 DEC
WIT Freight Brokers LLC WIT Freight Brokers LLC 830373 9/30/2016 DEC
JNJ Transport LLC JNJ Enterprises 837785 9/30/2016 DEC
Saadoun A Hussein S N Towing and Transport 840454 9/30/2016 DEC
Rebecca C. Valero Freight Brokerage Transport 841148 9/30/2016 DEC
Transport King and Logistics LLC Transport King and Logistics LLC 858181 9/30/2016 DEC
Midwest Transportation Brokerage Inc Midwest Transportation Brokerage Inc 894009 9/30/2016 DEC
JFEM Logistics JFEM Logistics 899242 9/30/2016 DEC
Fluker Trucking LLC Fluker Trucking LLC 929134 9/30/2016 DEC
Green American Movers, Inc. Green American Movers, Inc. 940342 9/30/2016 DEC
Titan Logistics and Resources Titan Logistics and Resources 943403 9/30/2016 DEC
SmokeDog Logistics LLC SmokeDog Logistics LLC 946016 9/30/2016 DEC
M.J. Logistics Inc. M.J. Logistics Inc. 951376 9/30/2016 DEC
Tel Trucking & Transport, Inc. Tel Trucking & Transport, Inc. 952588 9/30/2016 DEC
EAKB Logistics LLC EAKB Logistics LLC 953600 9/30/2016 DEC
Garcia’s Financial Solutions LLC Garcia’s Financial Solutions LLC 957774 9/30/2016 DEC
Rainier Logistics Inc Rainier Logistics Inc 960201 9/30/2016 DEC
Swat Inc Stateway Auto Transport 967568 9/30/2016 DEC
Acia Freight & Logistics LLC 969981 9/30/2016 DEC
O’Neal & Son Trucking LLC 970533 9/30/2016 DEC
Ernest Hector 970797 9/30/2016 DEC
Topco Logistics LLC. Topco Logistics LLC. 189463 10/1/2016 JAN
PDQ Auto Movers Inc PDQ Auto Movers Inc 610409 10/1/2016 JAN
Holy Transportation, Inc. Holy Express Logistics 632600 10/1/2016 JAN
Ellison Logistics, Inc. Ellison Logistics, Inc. 670470 10/1/2016 JAN
Eclipse Expediting LLC Eclipse Expediting LLC 738247 10/1/2016 JAN
DSD Custom Freight LLC DSD Custom Freight LLC 822801 10/1/2016 JAN
Baltex Transportation Services Inc Baltex Transportation Services Inc 847271 10/1/2016 JAN
Great Lakes Transport Solutions LLC Great Lakes Transport Solutions LLC 941812 10/1/2016 JAN
Safe Cargo Distributing, LLC Safe Cargo Distributing, LLC 937064 10/6/2016 JAN
High Trans Solutions LLC High Trans Solutions LLC 721866 10/7/2016 JAN
BlackMatter LLC BlackMatter LLC 937317 10/7/2016 JAN
Saory Pon SAF Shipping Trucks 967727 10/9/2016 JAN
Power Logistics Inc Power Logistics Inc 930563 10/10/2016 JAN
SLK Transfer LLC SLK Transfer LLC 325786 10/12/2016 JAN
J & J Logistics of NC J & J Logistics of NC 939054 10/12/2016 JAN
1890245 Ontario Inc Logistics 101 833211 10/13/2016 JAN
BBB Transport & Logistics, Inc. BBB Transport & Logistics, Inc. 870750 10/13/2016 JAN
Foster Transport & Logistics, Inc. Foster Transport & Logistics, Inc. 898933 10/13/2016 JAN
Best Global Logistics LLC Best Global Logistics LLC 908809 10/13/2016 JAN
Cimarron Dispatch, LLC Cimarron Dispatch, LLC 841181 10/14/2016 JAN
Eric J Deppen Eric J Deppen 877414 10/14/2016 JAN
In Motion Transport LLC In Motion Transport LLC 909052 10/14/2016 JAN
CastleRock Transportation Inc CastleRock Transportation Inc 933258 10/14/2016 JAN
Triple TRC Brokerage, LLC Triple TRC Brokerage, LLC 431728 10/15/2016 JAN
Transtar Logistics, Inc. Transtar Logistics, Inc. 444718 10/15/2016 JAN
Lupp Logistics LLC Lupp Logistics LLC 511221 10/15/2016 JAN
Hi Pass Transportation Inc Hi Pass Transportation Inc 530690 10/15/2016 JAN
General Freight Way Inc General Freight Way Inc 571629 10/15/2016 JAN
Specialty Road Transport Inc SRT 578769 10/15/2016 JAN
Worldwide Specialty Logistics Inc. Worldwide Specialty Logistics Inc. 671389 10/15/2016 JAN
Hector M Gomez Maya International 676236 10/15/2016 JAN
Jim Lawrence Transportation, Inc. Jim Lawrence Transportation, Inc. 727324 10/15/2016 JAN
Premier Auto Shippers, Inc Premier Auto Shippers, Inc 740463 10/15/2016 JAN
J. D. Mindy J. Mindy 758859 10/15/2016 JAN
Flores J Trucking Corp Flores J Trucking Corp 762787 10/15/2016 JAN
Michelle Heng Mik The Quick Logistics 802459 10/15/2016 JAN
Manpreet Dhillon Logistics & Transportation Services Corpora Manpreet Dhillon Logistics & Transportation Services Corporation 842823 10/15/2016 JAN
Pelkey LLC Pelkey Logistics 881363 10/15/2016 JAN
Gerardo E Clavel Cartagena G & J Logistics 883227 10/15/2016 JAN
TAN Logistics Inc TAN Logistics Inc 907928 10/15/2016 JAN
KCA Logistics KCA Logistics 929802 10/15/2016 JAN
GI Transport Inc GI Transport Inc 931327 10/15/2016 JAN
JPS Auto Transport & Logistics LLC JPS Auto Transport & Logistics LLC 946452 10/15/2016 JAN
Same Day Pickup, Inc. Same Day Pickup, Inc. 949291 10/15/2016 JAN
Cruz Control Cargo Corp 968664 10/15/2016 JAN
Freight Transportation Services Inc Freight Transportation Services Inc 930208 10/16/2016 JAN
ProFleet Logistics of Kansas City, Inc ProFleet Logistics of Kansas City, Inc 194381 10/20/2016 JAN
Waldrup Transportation, LLC Coastal Truck Lines 943632 10/20/2016 JAN
Connection Logistics Inc Connection Logistics Inc 593729 10/21/2016 JAN
CND Logistics, LLC CND Logistics, LLC 934398 10/21/2016 JAN
Cocan Logistics LLC 977024 10/21/2016 JAN
K & E Dispatch LLC K & E Dispatch LLC 807289 10/22/2016 JAN
C D X-Press, Inc. C D X-Press, Inc. 285768 10/23/2016 JAN
Serenity Auto Shipping LLC Serenity Auto Shipping LLC 947121 10/23/2016 JAN
Ramo Carriers Inc Ramo Logistics 898889 10/28/2016 JAN
Fischer Truck Brokerage LLC Fischer Truck Brokerage LLC 938338 10/28/2016 JAN
Northeast Auto Terminal and Transport of Quincy, Inc. Northeast Auto Terminal and Transport of Quincy, Inc. 270879 10/31/2016 JAN
A.R.C. Transportation, Inc. A.R.C. Transportation, Inc. 375373 10/31/2016 JAN
Silver Star Logistics Inc Silver Star Logistics Inc 568505 10/31/2016 JAN
Innovative Transportation Services LLC Innovative Transportation Services LLC 718671 10/31/2016 JAN
Class Logistics LLC Class Logistics LLC 747981 10/31/2016 JAN
Select Logistics Services, LLC SLS 749880 10/31/2016 JAN
RAJ Logistics LLC RAJ Logistics LLC 818769 10/31/2016 JAN
Grateful Freight Logistics, LLC Grateful Freight Logistics, LLC 856547 10/31/2016 JAN
Nordic Logistics LLC Nordic Logistics LLC 870900 10/31/2016 JAN
Perfection Express & Logistics, LLC Perfection Express & Logistics, LLC 909599 10/31/2016 JAN
Low Boost Motorsport LLC Low Boost Motorsport LLC 930740 10/31/2016 JAN
Gregory Hawkins Hawkins Logistics 943943 10/31/2016 JAN
Golden Seal Logistics, LLC Golden Seal Logistics 952747 10/31/2016 JAN
Shining Knights Brokers LLC Shining Knights Brokers LLC 955660 10/31/2016 JAN
Expand Logistic Systems Inc Expand Logistic Systems Inc 957023 10/31/2016 JAN
Fatoumata Tounkara Tima Freight Brokerage 969199 10/31/2016 JAN
Zum Freight LLC 971786 10/31/2016 JAN
MADR Logistics LLC 972837 10/31/2016 JAN
Jacks OTR Transport LLC 975914 10/31/2016 JAN
US Backhauler, Inc. US Backhauler, Inc. 447154 11/1/2016 FEB

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