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Galaxy Safe Trans & Service Inc

Ohio Freight Brokerage – Galaxy Safe Trans & Service Inc

Billing AddressPO Box 356
Brunswick, OH 44212
Address from Rate Con8711 S 77th Ave
Bridgeview, IL 60455
Address from FMCSA3435 Cicero Ave
Unit 101
Cicero, IL 60804
Phone 1740-346-8882
Phone 2216-278-0540
FF or Freight Forwarding #16386
US DOT #2538822

Most people that land on this page will be doing so because they went online and searched for Galaxy Safe Trans & Service Inc out of either Brunswick, Ohio, Bridgeview, Illinois or perhaps even Cicero, Illinois. And most people that are searching for them are doing so because they are a carrier or factor and have at least one unpaid freight bill, owed by this company for a load they have moved for them. If you are still trying to get paid by this company, make sure you call today to see what can still be done.

Bill at 901-300-7460 or David at 662-258-1916

If there is no answer leave a message, any time of day or night and your call will be returned promptly. Just be sure to leave your name, number and MC number.

United Shippers Inc

California Freight Broker – United Shippers Inc.

Address:9431 Haven Ave
Suite 100
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
This is a virtual office
Phone: 877-218-4022  
Motor Carrier Number:1029347
US DOT:3263926

United Shippers Inc, is a freight broker using a virtual office in Rancho Cucamonga. If you got to this page because you were trying to get them on the phone or find out what is going on with them, when you will get paid, etc, Make sure you call today. You can reach David at 662-258-1916 or Bill at 901-300-7460 for more info on this broker.  The sooner you call the better chance of being made whole.

If they are on the other line, be sure to leave your name, number and MC and they will call you back immediately.

Freightlink transport ltd

Freightlink Tranpsort truck image

Ontario Freight Broker – Freightlink Transport LTD

5511 Tomken Rd
Peel, ON L4W 4B8

Phone: 1 289-497-9222 ext. 221 (Office)
1 289-497-8844 (Main)
1 519-240-4981 (Mobile)

Broker MC Number: 553799

US DOT: 2940438

Did you get here because you searched on the internet for Freightlink Transport LTD, located in Peel, ON?  If you did, it is probably because you are trying to get paid for an unpaid freight bill, you were brokered by Freightlink Transport, if so, call Bill or David as soon as you can and if you get a voicemail, make sure to leave a message with your contact info and MC number.  You can reach Bill at 901-300-7460 or David at 662-258-1916 , make sure you call them immediately.

Auditous LLC

Auditous truck image

Colorado Freight Broker – AUDITOUS LLC

Address: 3801 E Florida Ave Ste 400
Denver, CO 80210

Phone: 720-744-0883

Motor Carrier Number: 1131652

US DOT: 3464032

If you have reached this, it means you are most likely searching for this Broker to get paid for moving a load. If you are in that category and trying to get paid for a load you did with Auditous LLC out of Colorado, make sure to reach out to Bill immediately at 901-300-7460 or David at 662-259-1916.

If there is no answer, make sure to leave your call back info, including name, phone number and MC, and your call will be returned as soon as they are off the other line.

CFM Trans Inc

CFM Trans truck image

Illinois Freight Broker – CFM Trans Inc

Address: 1749 W Golf St Rd #179
Mt Prospect, IL 60056

Phone: 630-568-8757

Motor Carrier Number: 1102899

US DOT: 3416108

Having trouble collecting from this broker? If you are still holding unpaid freight bills from CFM Trans Inc, make sure to reach out to Bill at 901-300-7460 or David at 662-258-1916 as soon as possible if you want to recover your receivables.

When you call, if there is no answer, make sure to leave a message including your MC number, phone number and name, so that you have the best chance of getting paid.

Fargo Freight Inc

Fargo Freight truck image

California Freight Broker – Fargo Freight Inc

Address: 3959 Foothill Blvd
La Crescenta, CA 91214 US


  • 1-844-325-0295
  • 1-844-649-2910
  • 1-888-292-3601

Broker MC Number: 804595

Carrier MC Number: 625346

US DOT: 2353820

If you got to this page because you are trying to get paid for a load you delivered for this brokerage, Fargo Freight Inc and can’t get in touch with them, make sure to call Bill at 901-300-7460 or David 662-258-1916. Let us collect you receivables for you!!

If calling after hours, please leave your Name, phone # and MC # and will reach back out to you ASAP.

Fast Forward Express LLC

Fast Forward Express truck image

Spokane, Washington based Freight Broker :

Fast Forward Express LLC

707 West Main Avenue

Suite B1

Spokane, Washington 99201

Brokers listed contact number: 509-524-8230

This address is essentially a virtual office and/or mail forwarding service.

Most people that find this page have been looking for Fast Forward Express LLC because they have unpaid receivables from this freight broker. If that is the case with you, make sure you take action ASAP. No matter the time of day or night, call 901-300-7460 and ask for Bill. If you get voicemail make sure to leave a message and expect a call back shortly. Whether it is Fast Forward Freight or another broker, make sure to take action now!

Comet Freight Inc

Comet Freight truck Image
Another California based Double Broker Scam

Ventura, California Freight Broker Comet Freight Inc

1500 Palma Drive

Floor 2

Ventura, California

US DOT 3442009

Motor Carrier Number 118163

Phone 855-338-5530

This broker has been reported by multiple carriers for double brokering without paying. They have or had a carrier side, with no inspections, that was used to obtain the loads. That carrier is Take Logistics Inc, out of Stevenson Ranch, California. They had an MC of 1119462 and a US DOT of 3444262.

If you had a load or multiple loads you moved for Comet Freight Inc, make sure you take action immediately to give yourself the best chance of recovering something at least. Call Bill, at 901-300-7460 whatever time of day or night you are reading this. If after hours, just leave your name, number and MC and he will return your call and help you have the best chance of getting your money for the load or loads you moved.

Infinity Transport Services LLC

Infinity Transport Services truck image

Ohio Freight Broker – Infinity Transport Services LLC

Address:1715 Indian Wood Cir

Suite 200

Maumee, OH 43537


Motor Carrier Number:1139119

US DOT: 1139119

If you arrived at this page trying to find a way to contact Infinity Transport Services to get paid for freight you moved make sure to reach out immediately. If you too have an unpaid freight bill make sure to call Bill at 901-300-7460 today, and be sure to have your MC number ready. Make sure to leave that and your phone number if you get voicemail when you call, he will call you back ASAP!

ALG Express Inc

ALG Express truck image

ALG Express Inc – Illinois & Florida Freight Brokerage

US DOT Number:2883557

MC Number:967964

Address 1:

1410 W Higgins Rd

Suite 201

Park Ridge, IL 60068

Address 2:

11310 Orange Blossom Trail S

Orlando, FL 32837

Phone 1: 773-466-2090

Phone 2: 407-738-3222

Phone 3: 407-955-4900


Most people land on this page when searching online for an address or this companies name, MC or phone number. They have several addresses and phone numbers, a carrier side with no inspections, and the domain their email is on, is owned by a totally different company, set up similarly. So if you are trying to get paid on one or more loads you did with ALG Express Inc or want more info on them, make sure to get in touch with Bill ASAP so he can help you get paid. Call 901-300-7460 and be sure to leave a message if there is no answer, including name, phone and MC number.