Aurorafreight Group

Aurorafreight Group – Oklahoma Freight Broker

Address:6316 Wentworth Dr
Edmond, OK 73025
US DOT:4147628
Motor Carrier Number:1591570

Most people find this page when they are searching on the internet for a broker they can’t reach and are trying to get paid for freight they have moved. If you are in that category and trying to get paid for a load you did with AuroraFreight Group out of Edmond, OK. Make sure to reach out to Bill at (901) 300-7460 or (662) 258-1948or David (662) 258-1916, immediately.

If for any reason there is no answer, make sure to leave a message including your name, number and MC and he will get back to you as soon as possible or off the other line.