Cedar grove transportation logistics

Cedar Grove Transportation Logistics truck image

Florida Freight Broker – Cedar Grove Transportation Logistics

Address: 302 Knights Run Ave, Suite 1150
Tampa, FL 33602 US

Phone: 800-781-1023 Phone: 908-956-3276

Motor Carrier Number: 1005642

US DOT: 3216401

Did this broker hire your company to deliver freight on their behalf? Most likely that is why you are here, trying to get in touch with Cedar Grove so you can get paid on the freight you moved. If you’ve had trouble contacting Cedar Grove Transportation Logistics about getting paid for your services, call Bill @ 901-300-7460 or David @ 662-258-1916 ASAP!

 If you get voicemail, please leave a message and your call will be returned as soon as they are off the other line. Make sure to leave your call back info, including name, phone number and MC.