Comet Freight Inc

Comet Freight truck Image
Another California based Double Broker Scam

Ventura, California Freight Broker Comet Freight Inc

1500 Palma Drive

Floor 2

Ventura, California

US DOT 3442009

Motor Carrier Number 118163

Phone 855-338-5530

This broker has been reported by multiple carriers for double brokering without paying. They have or had a carrier side, with no inspections, that was used to obtain the loads. That carrier is Take Logistics Inc, out of Stevenson Ranch, California. They had an MC of 1119462 and a US DOT of 3444262.

If you had a load or multiple loads you moved for Comet Freight Inc, make sure you take action immediately to give yourself the best chance of recovering something at least. Call Bill, at 901-300-7460 whatever time of day or night you are reading this. If after hours, just leave your name, number and MC and he will return your call and help you have the best chance of getting your money for the load or loads you moved.